Mouseover photo jumping, what can i do?

In some cases, when you have different spacing and padding option for hover and static thumbnails and size of the gallery fit only to the not hovered images. When you mouse over image size of the thumbnails with spacing values get bigger then gallery general width and as result it’s jumping. Try to make general width of the gallery bigger, or size of the thumbnails smaller.

How to change font family for the text in light box?

Please check this path, here you can find CSS files of the gallery: {joomla root}/components/com_twojtoolbox/plugins/gallery/1005/css
Files of the lightbox: 2j.lb1.css, 2j.lb2.css and etc.  Select one depend of the lightbox you select. There you can modify styles of the text or some other styles of the light boxes.

How to create slides in 2J Slideshow?

You can create slides using slides manager.  When you open slideshow for edit you can see Slided and Slice section where you can create all slides and manage every slice of this slides.

Screenshot_1Here you can see AdScreenshot_2d Slide button. when you click on this button you’ll  see confirmation popup where you can select title for the new slide. Click save button and you can move forward with building slices for the new slide or create more slides if you wish.

Slides Settings contain really wide range of the configurations. Here you can select effects and customize all additional settings for every effect.  Define all timers, background images and colors. Enable Lazy load options for proper pre-loading functionality for the case of the heavy slides.

Next steps related with slices management.

How to manage categories in 2JPhotoGallery ?

In every gallery instance you can find Categories manager button. When you open this categories manager you’ll see categories tree there. You can drag and drop items to sort them. All process is pretty simple and fast.

Which thumbnails layout implemented in 2JPhotoGallery?

Thumbnails layout in gallery is highly customizable. Thumbnails could have some regular matrix layout  with square or rectangle shape. Also one of the main options it’s random grid layout. 2JPhotoGallery have advanced settings for configuration of the grid view.