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I wish to publish 2JNewsSlider in module, how to setup it properly?

When you open joomla modules manager you can find there 2JToolBox module. Open settings of this module you’ll find there options where you can select instance to show on the front end. If you have more then one 2J extension installed in module settings you need to select Instance type first.

Page load goes in a loop and does not stop loading the page, why?

The reason of such behavior could be content loop. For example you insert tabs or slider to the ARTICLE1 (form CATEGORY1) and select CATEGORY1 as content source for the tabs or slider and as result tabs or slider try to load articles with itself in loop. Just make sure that you insert component not to the same category which you select as content source. If it’s not gonna help please post ticket in support section.

How to remove article title?

When you open Display Options of the instance you’ll see there Template feature. Enable Template and in you’ll be able to customize layout of the slide template. There you can remove title of the articles or customize layout of the all elements of the slide. In customization you can use not only build-in tags, but also CSS styles and HTML tags.

I enabled “Read More” option, but i can’t see read more button. Why?

Here you need to check few important things. First make sure that you insert tag into article to  split it for intro and full text parts. Make sure that in Display Options / Show text you specify Introtext value. In the case If you have long intro text, you just need to specify another (bigger) height value for your instance and you will see read more, if not please post ticket at our support section and we’ll find solution for your case!

I have “fuzzy” text in title of the 2JNewsSlider in IE, what can i do ?

It’s happened bec. of IE bug of the background processing. You should make few simple steps, described below, to sort this problem:

  • Load page on the front end and check source of the loaded page, using special option of the browser (it’s called “View Page Source” in FireFox or “View Source” in IE), there you will find first div of the 2JNewsSlider (it’s should looks like: <strong>&lt;div  id=&quot;twoj_news_scroll_1_all&quot;  class=&quot;twoj_news_slide_class0&quot; &gt;</strong>);
  • Copy  class value (in our sample it’s “<strong>twoj_news_slide_class0</strong>”);
  • Login to the admin section and in 2JNewsSlider component section you will find CSS editor where you should add this line: <strong>.twoj_news_slide_class0, .twoj_news_slide_class0 .twoj_news_slide_ul { background-color: White !important;}</strong> in this case for class twoj_news_slide_class0 and white background color.

In every particular case you should specify your own class and background color values.

News slider overlapping menus

It’s happening because of z-index conflict with menu or template styles. You can change z-index value in 2JNewsSlider admin section in General Options. Just select properly value for z-index option.