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I wish to publish 2JCarousel in module, how to setup it properly?

When you open joomla modules manager you can find there 2JToolBox module. Open settings of this module you’ll find there options where you can select instance to show on the front end. If you have more then one 2J extension installed in module settings you need to select Instance type first.

Is it possible to select images files format ?

Yes, in instance settings you can select file types in: Compatibility Settings / “File Types”. Acceptable values: PNG, JPEG, GIF. You can change file type any time even after upload images to the server. By default this option inherit file settings from the general component options.

Carousel background image like in demo “surprised guy”

In carousel settings / Text Add-ons / Background Block Text:
put such code:
<img src=”images/face.png” alt=”mobile products” border=”0″ style=”margin-left: 90px; margin-top: 1px; z-index: 350; position:
So here’s the main trick it’s select proper to your template z-index.