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Mouseover photo jumping, what can i do?

In some cases, when you have different spacing and padding option for hover and static thumbnails and size of the gallery fit only to the not hovered images. When you mouse over image size of the thumbnails with spacing values get bigger then gallery general width and as result it’s jumping. Try to make general width of the gallery bigger, or size of the thumbnails smaller.

How to change font family for the text in light box?

Please check this path, here you can find CSS files of the gallery: {joomla root}/components/com_twojtoolbox/plugins/gallery/1005/css
Files of the lightbox: 2j.lb1.css, 2j.lb2.css and etc.  Select one depend of the lightbox you select. There you can modify styles of the text or some other styles of the light boxes.

How to change upload folder?

In 2J Gallery component settings you can see option “Path to Images Directory” here you can specify custom path for images upload folder. Important Note: in the case if you already have some images uploaded to the gallery and you decide to change path then after upload of the new images to the gallery you will see only images which loading from current, new location , images which was uploaded to the old location will be not visible any more in extension. So best solution : do not change this path when you already start usage of the gallery and you have upload some images.

I wish to publish 2JGallery in module, how to setup it properly?

When you open joomla modules manager you can find there 2JToolBox module. Open settings of this module you’ll find there options where you can select instance to show on the front end. If you have more then one 2J extension installed in module settings you need to select Instance type first.