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2J Gallery Released!

2JGallery screenshot 2J Gallery it’s the one of the most effective and attractive ways to organize your images gallery on Joomla! website. You have here all necessary tools for creation of the gallery, upload images and customization of the front end interface. Front end interface is CSS3 based what is most important it’s highly customizable. 2J Gallery have 8 pre-configured themes with 4 different animation on Hover effects and 6 lightboxes.
It’s possible to insert multiply copies of the gallery at the same page and every gallery could have own settings.
No limits for amount of uploaded images and amount of the gallery instances per page. You can insert gallery as module, direct link to the 2J Gallery component or insert it to the article using plugin tags. For plugin tags generation we have implement wizard where you just need to select gallery instance and it’s generate and insert tags to the article automatically. For uploading images to the gallery implemented set of the simple and very powerful tools. Joomla! Administrator can upload set of the images using batch upload function or upload images from server directory with scan directory function. If you don't need to upload big sets of images you can upload few images one by one in 2J Gallery resources manager.
For installation and configuration you don't need any special skills everything build in Joomla! native style. Check it out!

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